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International Relations is one of the most popular study areas for international students. It is the study of international problems and issues, which cover political, economic, military, technological, cultural and environmental subjects. Students enrolled in the BSc program are required to complete forty basic courses with 120 credits and the internship at the end of the third year which must be minimum of 30 calendar days. Students are, in addition, required to obtain a pass in Turkish language and National History in order to fulfill the requirements of this balanced program.

Courses of the department include political science, law, diplomacy, international politics, geopolitics, geostrategy, political history and political thought, European studies, international organizations, economics, business as well as regional area studies focusing on important regions of the world politics. On completing the program, the students are expected to acquire competency in conceptual and historical information regarding international social and political phenomena, critical and analytical thinking, the development of oral communication, written, and research skills in English, an inter-disciplinary approach to both regional and global conflicts as well as conflict resolution strategies, and theoretical and practical capability for development of leadership, team-work, decision making, and problem solving skills.

Successful graduates of the programme will have the opportunity to seek employment in diplomatic areas, public institutions, international organisations, private companies with international connections, media as well as universities and strategic research organisations.


International Relations Department Program Outcomes

  1. Enhance effective decision-making, analysis techniques and critical thinking skills
  2. Demonstrate ability for teamworking, collaboration and leadership
  3. Understand social and legal issues both within local and global environments
  4. Acquire proficiency in English and utilize effective communication skills
  5. Gain IT skills for conducting research using various resources and databases
  6. Put knowledge acquired into practical experience through on-site internship(s) before graduation
  7. Gain ethical consciousness and behaviour required by the international relations discipline
  8. Acquire conceptual and historical information regarding international social and political phenomena.
  9. Understand important regional problems & conflicts, and conflict resolution strategies.
  10. Understand global political phenomena, leading to theoretical and practical knowledge of global governance and global security
  11. Ensure conceptual understanding of different theories and methods for international political developments
  12. Recognize and respect the difference of ‘Other’ cultures and identities 

BUS101 Intro. to Business & Mgmt. 3 0 3
COMP103 Computer Applications l 3 0 3
PSYC100 Psychology 3 0 3
POLS101 Introduction to Political Science 3 0 3
EGL101 Development of Reading Skills 3 0 3
NH001 National History 0 0 0
Total 15

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